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Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre (North York)

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We loved this pool for its Tarzan rope but it's gone. They did not replace it when it broke a few years ago. Still, this is a beautiful huge pool. It offers a wide section with beach-like access, perfect for younger kids, and a profusion of water toys at your disposal in a separate room (ask the staff!). Bigger kids will spend their time at the long, bumpy white slide and the huge flume slide, with a few loops. Both land in the shallow section. Only those who pass a deep-end test will be allowed to use the flume slide.

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  • Friday, 20 May 2016 posted by James

    Adult swimming class only has three levels. Level 1 starts from float to swim 25m. Our class will finish in 2weeks some people still can not float properly and some just waste time to repeat what they already did. If I consider to register the same level, IF we still start from float, how can we move on to reach the 25 meter swim at the end of the class level?

  • Friday, 15 January 2016 posted by forget birthdays here

    This is a place that lets you organize your own birthday party for kids, meaning they allow you to set up camp at a plastic table in a corner with a group of kids and have a swim party during public swimming. I don't mind the set up, even if limited, it is inexpensive and can be fun HOWEVER good luck EVER getting in touch with the sole person who can access the file in the computer that holds the magic schedule to see if you can get a booking in the next several months. It feels like a page out of some bureaucratic nightmare novel. Every time I call, and it has been during morning, noon, early afternoon, late afternoon, weekends, weed days - any variation of time/day the answer by the young people who answer the phone is always the same "uuuuuuhhhh, she is not here right now, and no one else has the password to get at that file in the computer that has the schedule, and try back later' The real answer is there is no later - it's actually 2016 and you can schedule things very easily with any number of online tools, I know this is a public pool but surely the internet has made things easier for public employees too???

  • Saturday, 14 March 2015 posted by unhappy swimmer

    I was going to put the exact same review as the post below. This pool is awful for children. My son, is a strong swimmer passing tests at every pool for years. However, this pool, they would fail every child because they are not swimming properly ie. Head in the water, taking breaths every 3 strokes. Child after child got turned away. The swim test for a pool is to ensure a child can swim to safety. Whether their head is out of water or not plays no role in this aspect. Not to mention, my son only wanted to go on the high waterslide, which the sign only says they need to be 42" or taller. Which my son was clearly a head above the 42". So he could touch the ground, and could swim, but was still not allowed on the taller slide.

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