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TOP-10 Advent Calendars!

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Now is a good time to prepare fun and easy Advent Calendars! 

These, and more ideas, are all posted (with links to the original website with DIY                             instructions on my X for Xmas Pinterest board!

#1  Made out of Legos!


#2  One pre-wrapped book a day! (They don't have to be new! They can even be borrowed to your local library! The fun part isn't to own them, but to unwrap a new story every day until Christmas.


#3  Small envelops taped on the fridge, with a thought, a joke, an activity idea, a clue...


#4  A toilet paper roll tree hiding small animals, gadgets or candies...


#5  Paper cups elves hiding a treat!


#6  Little wrapped surprises hanging there (no need to put hooks, you can just tie a knot)


#7  Clothing pins, pinned around on a cardboard circle, with treat taped at the end


#8  DIY board you can reuse next year. Use a glue gun to stick clothe pins on a board, to pin little gifts


#9  More toilet paper rolls, this time in the shape of a little house


#10  Muffin pan... Start on Dec. 14 if you have one with 12 slots.





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