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TOP-10 fun things to do with tissues and boxes

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It's cold season again.

I don't know about you but in my house, everyone is currently sneezing and blowing their nose. That's a lot of Kleenex boxes to recycle!

Here are my TOP-10 fun things to do with tissues and boxes. (Excerpts from my Clever DIY fun for kids board on Pinterest on


1. Decorate the box, tie an empty one to the new one with elastics to collect the used tissues (so germs are not spread all over the place).

2. Plug a fan in and let the kids make the unused tissues fly! The good thing is that you can use the tissues afterwards.

3. A cool rocket to build. See instructions on

4. A Lego box to cover boring boxes of tissue. See instructions on

5. Turn two boxes into dinosaur paws.

6. A box becomes a tunnel.

7. With the help of elastics, a box turns into a guitar.

8. My favourite: building a catapult to throw marshmellows (from

9. Monsters!

10. How to make a miniature box of tissues, for doll houses (from



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