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My TOP-5 personalized Christmas gifts found on Pinterest

Wondering what to give to kids who seem to have everything? I've always worked around this (first world) problem by making personalized gifts. I've created laminated chess boards where the black square was replaced by photos of siblings. I've done domino games where each number was replaced by a specific family member.

Here are a few other interesting ideas for personalized gifts I found on Pinterest. You'll find more on my Personalized creations/gifts board. Note that these gifts are also fun to give to grand-parents. 

1) Laminated faces

Go to a place like Kwick Kopy (in Toronto, they offer printing and laminating services) and have photos of your kids' face enlarged. Cut them out, then ask the service supplier to laminate the result. Add water-based markers with this gift.

2) Fun family Alphabet

Have your family pose to create the shape of all the letters in the alphabet. Go to your local printer for their one-hour service (bring a book and wait in nearby café while you wait!). You can put the photos in a small album.

3) Board game pawns

Cut out the silhouette of each family member and insert in large clip. It will giveSnakes & Ladders a whole new twist.

4) Cliff-hanger bookmarks

Have each family member to pose as if they were hanging over a cliff, at the tip of their rope. Cut out their silhouette and attach to a thread. In this example, the threads were braided together. Give with a book!

5) Jumping puppets

More elaborated craft. Click on the image to get to the original source of this craft but also have a look at this link to see a better explanation.



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