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Iceland Skatepark

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This skatepark seems bigger than the others I've seen. A sea of concrete waves is rippling before us. Angles are not as accentuated as in other parks and slopes are not as high. As far as I can judge (from the humble point of view of a non-skater), the riders can not build as much speed as in other parks (unless they catch speed in the bowl) but they can go for ever. It feels like a good back street lined with obstacles... without the cars. But we certainly hear the cars! The park is located along Hwy 403. The municipal park includes a large kidney shaped bowl going 6 feet down, slopes and quarter-pipes. In the midst of the summer, in 30-degree heat, the steamy skaters were ready to throw themselves face first into the nearby snowbank formed by the Zamboni's discharge (the park is located by Iceland, a complex with four indoor ice rinks). No need, there's a spray pad right next to Iceland (perfect for younger siblings waiting while the older ones are skateboarding).

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