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Biking in Tommy Thompson Park (Leslie Spit) (Toronto)

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This is the place where people pay to drop their brick, cement and asphalt from demolition projects. It is also the best place to feel you're biking by the ocean. You can remain on the paved trail for 3kms, or take one of the sandier side trails to different lookout points all around the man-made peninsula. In some parts of the park, we would have a full view of the glittering water taking on turquoise shades under the summer sun. Somewhere else, we saw weird sculptures made out of metal rods and bricks found in the landfill. During another visit, we reached the lighthouse on top of a hill (it's a 5km ride from the entrance of the park), with the CN Tower on the horizon on the opposite side. We even came across a bird sanctuary facing the mainland, where cormorants come to nest. (You can only enter this area later in the fall when the birds are gone, but sensible souls beware. When visiting, we saw hundreds of dried bird skeletons scattered all over the place, the unfortunate youngsters who fell off their nest before their time.)

Nathalie's TIPS
• In the spring, if you take the trail running across the hupe pond and turn right (a 3km walk from the park's entrance), you'll find the spots where urban frogs mate. The sound they make to attract each other is incredibly loud!
• Note that there is a Bike Share stand offering bike rental at $7 for the day.

Urban frogs!

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After years of doing all kinds of outings with my children, I can assure you the secret to a perfect outing lies in the details, not the destination.


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