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Harvest Moon Bakery and Gardens (Lion's Head)

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A pie in the sky

I know of families who made it a tradition to end their summer vacation in the area with a scrumptious pie from Harvest Moon Bakery, which they would savour back home. I don't know what made the artist bakers choose to set foot off Hwy 6 but this is indeed the best way to end an outing in the region. The cute and whimsical bakery looks like it's standing on stilts. nearby, the baker's house is fit for Tolkien's The Hobbit. And the sulpture walks and gardens were created in the same spirit. Look carefully as you stroll along the path of the Wildflower Way. When visiting, we noticed carved trees, unnaturally large nests, chiseled wine glasses hanging from branches, painted rocks blending with the greenery. The Froggy Walk started with a giant bug made out of sticks and wires. A real treasure hunt for the kids! Harvest Moon Bakery is a 30-minute drive from Bruce Peninsula Park.

Where’s Bilbo?
Sculptures along the trail
The cute bakery
Giant stick insects’ one of the many surprises

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After years of doing all kinds of outings with my children, I can assure you the secret to a perfect outing lies in the details, not the destination.


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