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Never have kids had their childhood better documented than the current generation, with parents fully equipped with digital cameras and smart phones.

Yet, very seldom do we take the time to acutally look at our photos. Gone are the photo albums which we take off the shelf from time to time to relive happy times. Here's a cool and modern solution to this problem from a creative dad I met recently.


Darshan is leaving his young family on a weekly basis for business trips. Every Thursday night brings him back home and every Friday night is Movie Night for the whole family to catch up and reconnect with each other. You must have heard about the concept of family Movie Nights (where an age-appropirate movie is watched by the whole family in the intimacy of their living room). Here's how the young dad took Movie Night to the next level.

It can get very lonely

For those who don't travel often, a kidless night in a hotel seems like heaven! But you can get too much of a good thing and spending many nights in a hotel can get very boring. Darshan started to use his free time to sift through the thousands of photos stored in his computer. He got to create themed files: the last family vacation, a special birthday, the birth of a sibling. One Friday night, he decided to plug in his computer into the television set to show his good work to his family. It was a bit like watching the previews at the cinema.

At first, his kids protested, anxious to watch the movie. But it rapidly grew on them. They loved watching their family on TV. Everyone would comment as they remembered the fun moments captured by the camera. The "preview-before-Movie-Night" tradition was born.

I was so inspired by his idea that I stopped procrastinating and got to gather all our Halloween costumes photos into one file. Here's what my family will see before the movie next time we sit together to watch a film!





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