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I figured out that one money-saving advantage to planning a kid’s birthday party at home was that it allowed me to make sure the loot bag would include things that could be used during the party, which the kids would take home after. (Just make sure you add in a few candies and you’re good to go!) I’ve never decided on a theme for a party before going to Party packagers to check out what they had in stock. I’d find the item that gave the most bang for the buck and would work around it. One year, I bought cheap fishing gear with plastic fish included. It became a fishing party. I made the young guests fish in a huge bucket. We had a fish cake, Golden Fish crackers, etc. The kids couldn’t believe their luck when I handed them the rod and fish in a loot bag at the end of the party. Another year, Party packagers was selling little toy guns and bandanas for a song. We did a cowboy party with a cactus cake and Wanted posters featuring two of the dads. (They were caught and tied up to a tree by the little sheriffs.) For more tips about parties, to to the Party centre on their website.

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