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Ripley's Aquarium of Canada (Toronto)

Family Tested

At last, Toronto has its aquarium!

Best way to go it to reserve a timed ticket online!

When I visited the Ripley's Aquarium with my husband with our two big children, 16 and 20, we were in the line-up for 90 minutes before shelling the hefty $30 per person and joining into the dense crowd in dark corridors... And all I can remember now is how all of us were thrilled by the attraction. We enjoyed the labyrinth-like layout which allows the aquarium to pack more displays than I expected. We appreciated the way the sparkling tanks cut brillant turquoise windows into the darkness. We loved the dramatic Dangerous Lagoon where a moving carpet slowly took us through the largest tank at the heart of the aquarium. We saw paddle fish (living in our Canadian Lakes), blue lobsters, seahorses that looked like plants, and plants that look like quills. The wall of graceful jellyfish with light effect made me think I was in some five star bar in Las vegas. The Kelp Forest dwarfed the visitors. Down below, the rays were truly playful with the diver, sometimes draping her like a blanket with their supple wings. Above the water, the Bay of Rays was huge, with a fantastic trompe-l'oeil recreating the ocean's horizon.

Then there was the slide, the petting tanks, the interactive submarine, the glass tunnel within an aquarium, the pyranhas, the sawfish, the clownfish tank (where you'll find Nemo) and so much more. Allow 2 1/2 hours for your visit. Note that the place could be stressful to nagivate with a stroller. Read our post on tips to better enjoy the aquarium. Check this link for the photo gallery and our 5 tips to better enjoy this attraction.

Ripley’s Aquarium’ at the foot of the CN tower.
In the Bay of Rays...

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