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Royal Botanical Gardens (Burlington)

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The Lilac Celebration is my favourite time of the year to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG). The spring weather is mild and the event takes us to the Arboretum, a large section 3 km from the RBG Centre and home to lilacs and magnolias. It is surrounded by fun trails to explore with the kids. One has to see the Arboretum to grasp how vast and wild the RBG really is. It is comprised of 30 kms of natural trails, five separate gardens and four nature sanctuaries. In different gardens throughout the year, the RBG displays interactive discovery carts filled with things to touch. During the Lilac Celebration, kids could compare the colour and odour of several varieties of lilac (some really stank!). They could "invent" a lilac flower based of specific characteristics and see if it already existed (it usually did), and where it could be found in the lilac dell. The Rock Gardens are much appreciated by kids, with rock stairs leading to secret corners, rocks becoming small bridges over the pond, huge rocks to climb on. A great spot for little explorers! Included with the admission cost is a double-decker service hopping from one garden to the next.

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